Cinematographer & Photographer



We produce, we direct and edit a variety of audiovisual projects, with a unique cinematic style. As a Director and Director of Photography (DOP) (and also videographer), I treat with love the light and the picture in every video we make.

Done documentaries and music videos practically all over the world. Also fashion films for magazines, etc.

Specialised in:

Music videos, Fashion films, Documentaries, Industrial / Corporate, Short-films and Life Style.


We make all kinds of photographic works, focused mainly on the commercial field. As a photographer, I always work with my Leica. Giving all the importancy to the decisive moment in every shot.

I try to create tangible instants of those fleeting moments that will always remain for the memory, treating shape and color from the most sensitive part of myself.

Specialised in:

Fashion and Editorial, Catalogue and e-commerce, Travel and Documentary and Life Style.

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